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International AIDS Day: “Twisted” in Innovation Campaign – Don’t Enter Without Durex


International AIDS Day: “Twisted” in Innovation Campaign – Don’t Enter Without Durex

On the occasion of International AIDS Day, which is announced today (1.12), the Durex condom brand is launching a mobile media move through the Twisted Advertising Office to raise awareness of the importance of safe sex. As every year, this year Durex is also partnering with AIDS Task Force, and as part of the interlude campaign that has surfaced in the largest mobile apps in Israel, users are presented with a special landing page in the spirit of the CAPTCHA Challenges that they have to solve in order to read and read the content. In the interlude it was written, “For your safety, type the following letters to enter,” when, after writing the letters (Durex), the message is presented to the users: “Do not enter without Durex.”

Olga Rubenovskia, a field manager, explains: “We believe that as a leading brand in the sex health world, we must promote awareness of condom use, as this is the only preventative measure that can protect us from illness. We try to deliver this important message each year in creative ways That the message will be internalized by consumers and we hope that this year too we will contribute to the fight to raise awareness of the importance of safe sex and the danger of HIV / AIDS infection. ”

Dr. Yuval Livnat, executive director of the AIDS Task Force, adds: “In recent years, we have witnessed an increase in the number of HIV infected in Israel and International AIDS Day is a good opportunity to mention that no one is immune to the infection and the use of a condom has been and remains the most effective way of HIV/AIDS protection. Nearly 500 people have been diagnosed as HIV positive this year. This is an alarming trend of an increase in the number of new people exposed to HIV that has continued in recent years. ”

Read the original article here (Hebrew)